Thursday, March 3, 2011


This is one of the typical scenarios that I always notice at Al Ain Town center especially during the weekends or at siesta time, but this man caught my attention because his head was resting on the dense stone. It must have been hard and uncomfortable and for some reason it reminded me of my childhood.

I snapped these photos sometime in February 2011 in a small park along the Central District before I headed to Al Ain Souq to buy some fruits and vegetables.

Word of the day: makhadda is the Arabic word for pillow. Salaam!


  1. this stray looks balot na balot, must;ve been cold.
    this is an interesting shot missy.

  2. Yes I agree. This is interesting. It's different from the rest of the photos you posted. Nice shot :)

  3. i am guessing homelessness is not a problem in the mid east and something that's not tolerated at all. so if that is the case, then he must have been just resting, catching some sleep. pretty peculiar.

  4. @Jidhu,
    Thank you.

    Thank you. Yes, the weather was a bit cold during the month of February. That man was having his siesta time.

    Thank you. From time to time, I do post photos with different perspective.

    @Photo Cache,
    Yes, that man was just resting on the shady nook. I was just wondering how does it feel to rest our head on a dense stone.


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