Thursday, March 10, 2011

"Pathway of Love"

This is one of the newest additions at Al Ain Paradise, a Guinness World Records holder for the largest display of hanging baskets which was awarded in March 2010.

.....and meet this person who loves her children so much. She is Nazy, a colleague of mine and the mother of NJ and Trisha Anne, my models for portrait photography. I will post some of their photos soon.

These photos were taken yesterday at around 06:30PM. By the way, if you'd like to see the beautiful flower baskets and the flower pyramid, go and visit Al Ain Paradise which is located at Zakher District.

Word of the day: hubb is the Arabic word for love but most of time Arabs add the word "al", meaning "the", so they would say Al-hubb. Salaam!


  1. This should be your official portrait!

    Aloha from Honolulu

    Comfort Spiral



  2. what a beautiful work of art! thanks for sharing!

  3. that is a perfect place for picture taking.

  4. How very wonderful a sight !

    Please have you all a good Thursday.

    daily athens

  5. undeniably beautiful :)

    naging emo ako sa song ng page mo.

    keep rockin'!

  6. There are loves on after another.

    Try to pick them on your way.

  7. i have a thing for hearts really, so i'd say this new addition, in my opinion is for keeps! ^0^
    i love the perspective take on the 1st one.

  8. Such lovely floral heart arches! They must be a challenge to keep nice with the hot temperatures!

  9. The heart arches are beautiful! I give credit to the architect and designer.

    Nice photos and angles!


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