Saturday, March 19, 2011

mini "Eiffel Tower" at Al Ain Paradise

Aside from the heart arches and flower pyramid, there's a replica of Eiffel Tower at Al Ain Paradise. If you are a resident of Al Ain and you're planning to visit the place with the largest number of hanging flower baskets in the world, I suggest that you better visit the place as soon as possible before those flowers dry up because of the blazing summer heat.

a colleague and friend, Nazy

By the way, there's no entrance fee. Reminder for the parents, tell your kids to be careful not to step on the flowers and keep off the grass.

Word of the day: har is the Arabic word for hot. Salaam!


  1. huwaaaaaaw! ang ganda!

    ano naman ang arabic ng cold???

  2. Saan ang Al Ain Paradise Jo?

    Mapuntahan din by next month, before ng summer :-)

    Talagang parang miniature ang Eiffel tower sa picture with Nazy, galing.

  3. Wow~ You look fantastic!

    These pictures are gorgeous.

  4. It is a replica! How pretty with the night lights.

    I have been to Shenzhen, in China,a few years ago, where they have miniature replicas of the wonders of the world.

  5. hi sis! droppin' by to say i have a special thanks for you in my pregnancy update post. :)
    btw, just wondering... does CDP have a representative in Singapore? hubby's encouraging me to have a separate blog exclusive for photos taken in Singapore. ;)

  6. on your photos you don't show the place to be full of people. i wonder if it ever gets crowded in there.

  7. @all,
    Can't thank you enough for dropping by my blog and for your kind comments. Wish I could visit your blogs often but this hectic schedule of mine is really killing me.

    @The Psalmist,
    The arabic word for cold is barid or bareed.

    Sa may Zakher District lang, madadaanan pag pupunta ka ng Jebel Hafeet.

    It is my friend Nazy.

    Never been to China, wish I could visit someday. Ipon pa ako ng pera ate :))

    Will visit your blog soon.
    Re: CDP rep in Singapore; I think there 3 CDP members sharing their photos in CDP Community.

    @Photo Cache,
    We've been there on a weekday. It gets crowded only on the weekends (Friday and Saturday here in the UAE).


Marhaba! SHUKRAN JAZILAN for taking time to reading my posts and posting your comments.

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