Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Theme day- fountains

Al Ain is known as the City of Roundabouts here in the United Arab Emirates and perhaps in the Middle East. One of the common features of R/A is the presence of water fountains. When I discovered my interest in photography, I started wandering around the city and found out that even recreational and historical parks, some forts and downtown Al Ain has a lot of fountains.

I made this photo mosaic to showcase some of the fountains that we have here in Al Ain City. You can click the image to enlarge. Pardon me for the quality of the image, am still struggling with photo mosaic. I made it with Windows Paint and ACDSee Photomanager. 


  1. Wow how nice! :D Why are fountains so common? Does it have something to do with their culture? :)

  2. Indeed impressive to see such in a desert. May time and life continue to treat you all kind.

    A peaceful and good Wednesday for you all.

    daily athens

  3. The water fountains must be a refuge to everyone in the desert heat in the summer, right? My favorite is the green and yellow.

  4. You're very lucky to have so many wonderful water fountains in your city! I wish we had half as many in my city!

  5. Wonderful collection of fountains!

    Does the fountain in Rizal Park dance? I have no idea because it was off nga when we were there. The only dancing fountain I know about for sure is the one in Eastwood Mall. I posted a series of pics showing it back in 2009: Dancing fountains


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