Thursday, February 3, 2011


It was sometime in November when I snapped these photos at Al Anja Community along Al Qattara District. My main agenda on the day was to take pictures of Al Qattara Oasis but when I was walking along the 3rd street, I saw this old house with paved fences supported with wooden frame to protect the main tower from falling, which may possibly hurt any pedestrian with its falling debris.

Abdullah Bin Salem Al Darmaki house is one the oldest and historical houses in Al Ain built of dried mud bricks and dates palm tree trunks. It represents the traditional style of Emirati house. To date, the conservation department of Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage is working on its documentation and for its conservation.

Word of the day: atiq is the Arabic word for old. Salaam!


  1. Feels as if time could even be tasted. Thank you for teaching about this place.

    Please have a good Thursday you all.

    daily athens

  2. Thanks for sharing.

    Have a good day.

  3. Yes, as if we could taste time itself!

    Aloha from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral



  4. It is well worth preserving these structures as part of history.

    Mud bricks might remind me of Moses making bricks out of straw.

    Thanks for your encouraging words. They inspire me to improve my shots.

  5. Wow eto siguro yung version nila ng bahay na bato. Or siguro bahay kubo kasi yun yung traditional pinoy house talaga.

  6. so surprising to think that some long time ago, someone used to lived there. ^0^
    interesting history.


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