Saturday, February 19, 2011


I snapped this photo at one of the small parks in Al Ain Town Center. This Pakistani man was sitting at one of the shady nook and was so busy reading the newspaper that he didn't even notice me taking this photo.

This is a typical scenario in Al Ain Town Center especially during the weekends and at noon time. By the way, I showed him the original photo when I noticed that he was about to leave. Fortunately, he didn't ask me to delete this photo and even told me "shukran sister"!

My entry for the Weekend Portrait. Click here for more.
Word of the day:  okhti is the Arabic word for sister. Salaam!


  1. With all the recent "excitement" in the Middle East, I wonder what that newspaper's headlines were...

  2. You're such a versatile photographer :) Kahit anong subject, ang ganda ng mga kuha mo. Congratulations!

  3. Hi Misalyn!

    I gave you an award. It's here


  4. Nice candid portrait with selective color! :)

    hopefully, the Garden City is still and always be in peace, regarding to the political crisis in the Middle East recently which is reported here.

  5. haha, you're so brave to approach this guy who btw, looks a bit scary to me. ^0^
    nicely done in the b*w details, very candid and i love how you focused on the blue pen. ^-^


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