Sunday, February 27, 2011

Early detection can save lives

Meet Tahir Yaqoob, Khaled Hussein Al Qawasmeh, Sumaia Roubi and Mehad Araki who helped and manned the recently concluded mall activities for the Cancer Awareness Week organized and presented by Tawam Hospital and hosted by Bawadi Mall. Tahir and Mehad are Oncology nurses, Sumaia is a dietician and Khaled is an Oncology Research Nurse. 

Tawam Hospital, in affiliation with John Hopkins Medicine, once again took the lead in promoting the early detection and treatment of cancer by giving extensive awareness campaigns in the region. The key element in this awareness campaign is the early detection which truly save lives.

This photo was taken yesterday, February 26, 2011 in the wide concourse of Bawadi Mall.

Am linking this post to the Weekend Portrait hosted by DindinMK of Sumedang Daily Photo
Word of the day: hayat is the Arabic word for life. Salaam!


  1. If only all would listen to these great people.

    Please have a good Sunday you all.

  2. Nice group portrait...
    The two women look so friendly, but the men seem so serious.. hehe! :)

    Thanks for participating on Weekend Portrait. Let me see your another portrait next week.


  3. a very worthy cause. i know of a friend who early detected a cancerous lump in her breast. she's on her second year of remission, praying for total cure.

  4. I lost a sister to breast cancer and her daughter is a two time survivor of the disease. This post has great meaning to me. The two women in the group are so beautiful and look so happy in this shot. I am so glad you decided to use this photo being that the more we can get the word out to those of the world who need to be educated about early detection the better off all of us will be.


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