Monday, February 21, 2011

"Bellezas Amarillo"

These Russian beauties were some of the performers in Al Ain Mall's International Circus on Ice last December 2010. I had fun watching them dancing to the tune of an upbeat Spanish music.

I am looking forward to watching another Circus on Ice this year.

Word of the day: rakisa is the Arabic word for dancer (feminine). Salaam!


  1. I'm sure it was fun to watch.

    Happy MYM!

    Liz @ MLC

  2. Wow. I am pretty sure u had fun watching them. Great photos

  3. those dancers look hot enough to melt the snowmen watching!

  4. hi long time no see. beautiful pics . miss the ice skating sa MOA.

    Life Moto - Happy Monday!

  5. Very nice photo. Always fun to watch skaters--so skilled and graceful.

  6. Great costumes! I can imagine how beautiful the dance is...

  7. Nice costumes! I like the color! When will I see you do ice skating? Hahaha.

  8. Looking at the thumbnail I thought you were over here in Dubai this DSF, then I tried guessing where it is. Hehe, I was too wrong when I finally opened the post :-)

    They must be overly gracious dancing on ice..

  9. this is an enjoyable entertainment to watch by the way my MYM entry is here.

  10. i super love watching performances like these.
    sana we have these here sa mga malls,
    mostly naman dito, puros local performances lang...:(
    you're lucky that you get to see them for free.
    nice captures! ^0^


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