Thursday, February 10, 2011

Al Ain Aerobatic Show 2011 Series: The Saudi Hawks

Continuing yesterday's post about the Al Ain Aerobatic Show. Instead of posting the photos of Saudi Hawks and Turkish Stars together(as promised), I have decided to make a separate blogpost for each team because am afraid that the numerous photos will cover the main webpage of my site hahahaha! Anyhow, let me share some of the photos. You can click the images to enlarge and you might want to read my notes at the same time. Enjoy!

One of the jaw-dropping and breath taking aerobatic performances on that day were given by the Saudi Hawks, my favorite team(stating the obvious hahaha!). Their team is led by the 88th Squadron Commander Major Abdullah al Ghamdi. According to him, their aircrafts were British-made Hawk Mk65. All of those were smoke-capable jets and I liked the white and green colors. Saudi Hawks is a perennial feature of Al Ain Aerobatic Show for many years but they always bring and perform something new each season, making the spectators look forward to watching them every year.

It was really awesome seeing these jets flying high up in the sky with lots of loops, inverted flying, air drawing, and fleeting maneuvers. Their formation displays stunned the crowd and delighted the spectators with its seemingly effortless maneuvers. All I can hear were Ohhh, Ahhh, and wow!

Armed with three different lenses and my ever reliable Canon EOS 500D, I had fun capturing these flying jets. I set my camera to continuous shooting mode because I didn't want to miss any maneuver but I kept on adjusting the shutter speed, aperture and ISO because of the sun. It was playing hide and seek, not to mention the wind that almost kicked up the sand and dust.

If you will squint your eyes, you will see the numerous 4X4 cars in the desert. Those were the ones who opted to watch the aeroshow outside the vicinity of Al Ain International Airport. I guess they had fun watching the event, at the same time spending their day camping at the desert.

I do have an allergy with the smoke but mind you, during that day, I didn't even experience any anaphylatic reaction. Probably, my adrenaline worked better and signaled my brain to ignore the allergens.

It was such a thrilling experience for me and for my family since it was our first time to watch this kind of event. And what made it more special was the opportunity to capture these aircrafts, such an adrenaline pumping experience for a photo hobbyist like me. My fingers, arms and neck were aching after watching the event because of nonstop shooting but  I have no regrets.

You can click here if you'd like to read my post about Wasp, Baltic Bees and Skycats and here if you wish  to read my notes about our Journey to Al Ain International Airport.

Please come back tomorrow if you'd like to see the TURKISH STARS.
Word of the day: tayyara is the Arabic word for aeroplane. Salaam!


  1. Fantastic! Great job Misalyn!

  2. SUPERB images!
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. These are jaw-dropping displays Misalyn. Brilliant images. Hope you're all fine and happy. Blessings from Jo

  4. Breathtaking indeed! Ang galing mo naman talaga. You were able to capture these in the sky :D congratulations for a job well done

  5. Your captures are marvelous. Great job.

    I didn't know they have this smoke or whatever in colors too.

    We do have something similar here, called the Blue Angels, but I never got the time to see them.

    Have a lovely weekend.

  6. All I can say, mesmerizing shots! Those jets are doing a great acrobatic show! The trails they left behind have great formation!


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