Saturday, February 12, 2011

Al Ain Aerobatic Show 2011 Series: Pyro Truck & a Mercedes Benz car

As much as I would like to end this series with this blogpost, I simply couldn't because I couldn't  incorporate the other photos with this entry. Photo uploading-related issue is really irritating me. I'd rather make a separate blogpost for the rest of the photos than calling our internet service provider. For those who enjoyed my previous posts, thank you very much. And for those whom I bored to death with this series, please bear with me. Just two more days and it will be over. :))) Anyway, let me continue my week-long story.

Another crowd pleaser was PYRO, a jet powered truck with rip roaring brutally-bombastic performance. I wanted to cover my ears as the truck engine fire with its ear-breaking sounds, especially when the bombs were finally dropped into the desert and created a blast. I can say that it was really an olfactory and acoustically unpleasant experience but it was a superb visual treat at the same time.

blast from PYRO
It wasn't only an aeroshow, it was indeed a show of the best cameras and lenses. From phone cameras  and entry level cameras to high-end type of cameras; and from kit lenses to zoom lenses that oftentimes I called "bazooka", everything was there. Owned by the spectators who were sitting on the lower to the upper-most bleachers wanting to capture every moment.

photographers, photo enthusiasts and photo hobbyists
some spectators at the grandstand....

and some at the middle of the desert
And for those with passion for luxury and sports car, I am pretty sure that the nail-biting on-ground stunt display presented by two professional drivers was really amusing and hit the core of their interest. This awesome Mercedes-Benz latest model was  presented by Emirates Motor Company, one of the official sponsors of the event.

Mercedes SLS AMG.....yours for  $200K


Please comeback tomorrow if you'd like to see some of the photos of UAE's Mirage 2000 and on or before Tuesday if you wish to see the RC planes and jets, Skydivers, Miss Demeanour, few motor cross stunts and some of the on-ground  displays.

Word of the day: sayyara is the Arabic word for car. Salaam!


  1. The thick, black smoke from the blast kind of freaks me out. And I could imagine the smell...

    Anyway, you're not the only one with a series that's about to end. My Valentine's Series will be ending soon, too. And those who were bored by it would probably be sooo relieved. Hehe.

  2. Guess |I know now what my next car will be. You know, us men in our 40es...;-)

  3. I don't think I'd get bored with this series, lots of things happening in this one occasion.
    somehow reminded me of Charlies angels. haha. ^0^

  4. love the cars! and the photo of the photographers....and i am enjoying the music here gonna leave your page open to keep me company tonight at work:)


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