Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Al Ain Aerobatic Show 2011 Series: Our journey to Al Ain International Airport

A week before the event, I paid a visit to Al Ain Aerobatic Show's website and I saw that there was a promotion. It was so easy to join, they just wanted the name, birth date and e-mail address. With flying jets and helicopters I have in my imagination, my finger pads instantly pressed my laptop's keyboard and joined the promo.
e-mail received from the events promoter
Five days before the event, I received an e-mail informing me that I have won two tickets. Yay! I was so  happy and so excited that I hurriedly went to the kids room and told them about it. I informed them that we will watch the aeroshow on February 3. A day before the show, I received a follow up e-mail informing me that the opening of the event has been postponed due to adverse weather condition and my free tickets will be valid on February 5. I just shrugged my shoulders and immediately informed the kids.
On the day of the event, I woke up at around 09:00 A.M and thought that the show will start at 12:00 noon. As I opened my eyes and while I was lazily getting up from the bed, JM told me "Mama, hurry up!, the show will start at 10:00 A.M." Darn! I totally ignored the reminder written at the bottom of the e-mail. With all the preparations that I made, it took us 2 hours to finally get in into the car. Hubby was driving for almost 3 minutes when JM requested to buy something for our breakfast. Whew! Nobody bothered to take their breakfast before we left. We spent the next 15 minutes at McDonald's.
Road going to Al Dahmaa District

From Khalifa Street, it was a 15-minute drive going to Al Dahmaa District. I grabbed my camera out of the bag and started clicking. I really enjoyed looking at the date palms and it never ceased to amaze me. A desert with thousands of date palms! Just the thought of it made me wonder and wished for my home country. I came from a tropical country where planting trees is so easy because of its rich soil but the presence of palm trees is too far from abundance.

From the 3-lane main road of Al Dahmaa District, it took us 5 minutes to reach the Al Dahmaa Roundabout and another 3 minutes to reach the Al Ain Airport Roundabout. I never stopped clicking while hubby was driving, at the same telling the kids to stop teasing each other or else they might end up hurting each other. JM was pesky and so naughty on that day, even his brother was totally annoyed and pissed off. Ahhhh! kids, I had enough of them during the trip.
Al Dahmaa Roundabout                      Al Ain Airport Roundabout

three Pakistani men
We were about to enter the road  from Al Ain Airport roundabout to take the U-turn for us to reach the parking area, when I saw these men where trying to take a glimpse of what was happening inside the airport....lucky them, they were able to watch the show for free from afar.

road leading to the small roundabout ( to take a U turn)

this is the main parking lot
the traffic officer diverted the roads to another parking area 
From here, we walked towards the parking lot entrance for about 2 minutes, so lucky that there's a shuttle bus going to the venue or else we ended up walking for another 20 minutes.

Our first stop for photo op 

From afar, we saw these planes flying high up in the sky

Hubby waited for his turn to buy the kids ticket, it was a long queue of spectators who came all the way from Dubai, central Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and other northern emirates. Some spectators were tourists visiting the UAE for the first time.

Our second stop for another photo op

The red tickets were complimentary and blue tickets were the ones we bought for the kids for a price of AED 20/pax. At the main entrance, it was like checking in your luggage in the airport....complete with Xray's and frisking. They set up two cubicles for frisking. I laughed out loud when JM followed me to the frisking cubicle and even the policewomen were laughing. It was quick and the next thing I noticed, JM and Joel were waving a small white flag with red and blue printed text on it from one of the sponsors.

We continued to walk until we reached the entrance leading to the bleachers. I saw this plane creating contrails  which prompted me to press the shutter again. Just imagine me clicking while my feet were busy taking the steps going up to the bleachers hahahaha! That was one of the silliest things that I have ever done. Lol!
Skip Stewart
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Word of the day: Mataar is the Arabic word for airport. Salaam!


  1. Oh, wow! An aeroshow! Di pa ako nakakita ng aeroshow.

    Congratulations on winning the tickets. Lucky you!

    Now, where are the other photos? :)

  2. hi missy!
    wow, an aerobatic show?! i doubt it if we have one here, maybe in the suburbs or off areas.
    it would be curious to see planes flying all over.
    looks uber fun. ^-^

  3. Oh, I always enjoy air shows! And this looks like a great one, Misalyn! Love your photos! Hope you had a great time and I look forward to seeing more! Have a wonderful week!


  4. OMG! You made it in an hour? Hmm, I was wondering if the hubs was driving at the posted speed, hehehe!

    I have always enjoyed air shows. But I think the exciting part was you snapping away with these photos!

    Looking forward for more.


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