Saturday, February 5, 2011

Al Ahbabi Siblings

Say hello to Al Ahbabi siblings that we've met last Thursday evening at Green Mubazzarah. We were taking pictures of the hajar (mountain) when all of the sudden I saw Hussain and Nasser stood right infront of the camera and posed with a big smile on their faces. I was actually taking pictures of my sons Joel and JM with the hajar as backdrop. I asked them "irid suwra?" and they answered me back with "Aiwa".

cutie Nasser

After taking some pictures, I approached their relatives who were sitting on the bermuda grass and asked them if I can post their photos online. Thanks goodness, their Auntie Sheikha is very fluent in English and I didn't struggle talking to them with my basic Arabic. They had a look on Hussain and Nasser's photo and one of their relatives asked me to include Salma. I did enjoy counting in Arabic while I was asking them to look at the camera. LOL! :))

serious Hussain and pretty Salma
By the way, as per my observation, most of the Emirati children nowadays are wearing western dresses and clothes. They usually start wearing their kanduras and abayas when they reached the age of 9 but some of the parents are putting on kanduras to their sons even at the early age.

Word(s) of the day: Aiwa is the Arabic word for yes while suwra is the Arabic word for photo. Salaam!


  1. Cute kids - most of them want to have their photos taken!
    Happy weekend to you and yours

  2. Movies and magazines have greatly influenced different cultures. I am not surprised of the kids not to pose for the photo opp.

    Your night photography is great!

  3. I'm back from my mini break. Hope all's well with you.

  4. you're lucky to get fotos of them. they're usually a bit shy and reluctant diba?
    cute fotos of them.
    they both looked charming. ^0^


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