Sunday, January 23, 2011

" You'll be happy today"

I had a quiet night shift and went home early this morning. I didn't expect to see the sunrise while I was heading to the bus stop. According to the weather forecast that I have read yesterday, Sunday morning will be cloudy and there's a chance of downpour. It rained for almost 3 days (from Thursday 'till Saturday) and I terribly missed the sunsets, so thankful that the sun finally said hello and beamed its magical rays.

at 05:30 PM there's a thick layer of clouds covering the sun
and when it came out, it looked like a "bleeding" sky

I woke up at around four o'clock in the afternoon and before I headed to the bathroom, I opened the window and stared at the clouds. Cotton-like clouds really amused me and it looked like telling me "I'll make you happy today." At 05:30 PM, I was waiting at the taxi stand when I saw the reddish pink hues which prompted me to take nonstop shots. I was watching the sky while the taxi was moving until I finally reached Al Ain Mall at 05:45 P.M. to meet the Recreation and Events Manager for another opportunity (will definitely share something about it real soon). Thank you Lord for all the blessings!!

at 05:45 PM, infront of Al Ain Mall

Word of the day: inta (masculine) /inti (feminine) is the Arabic word for you. Salaam!


  1. You have been offered so many "opportunities" in this Sunday.

  2. You certainly gave time a new meaning with your amazing photography ! Wonderful Wonderful

    Please have a happy whole week.

    daily athens

  3. Amazing sky captures!

    Bless you for the work you do

    Aloha from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral

  4. Beautiful, breathtaking photos! :D Thank you for sharing. Have a wonderful week ahead :)

  5. skywatching does so many things to the soul.

    i wouldn't have thought that it rains in successive days in teh desert, tells me i know squat about deserts.

  6. Your skies are bleeding red! Very nice captures!

    I always look forward to great sky subjects after the rain!


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