Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Road Trip

Yesterday's temperature was very nice. I had nothing to do and no plans of going out but when I noticed the overcast sky while my children were leaving for school, I decided to hit the road and wander around the city. I grabbed my camera out of the bag and prepared my tripod. Clad in jeans, polo shirt and cardigan while hubby was wearing his all time favorite shorts, shirt and jacket, off we went with no specific place to headed to in our mind. Just before hubby was about to start driving, I asked him to turn on the car's heater to make me warm. 

We were almost a kilometer away from our house when I noticed the pink shades of clouds while the sun was playing hide and seek. I asked hubby to drive along Al Jahli district with Al Ain Palace Museum in my mind. Few minutes later, we were at Al Ain Palace Museum. Just perfect! Just exactly what I have in mind!!.....the palace looked so magical. I took several shots and enjoyed watching the sky. Amusingly enough, hubby didn't ask me to stop taking pictures. Misael was patiently waiting inside the car.

I guess my amazement lasted for 20 minutes. I have been to Al Ain Palace Museum for several times but it never cease to amaze me. We headed to Sanaiya District right after the 20-minute fun and sky watching at Al Ain Palace Museum. I decided to cover a lot of ground, so we didn't stop very much. I was clicking while hubby was driving. The sun continued to play hide and seek while the clouds were covering the magical rays.

We reached the foothills of Jebel Hafeet at exactly 07:45 AM. It was quite foggy making it a bit difficult to capture a decent shot.
As we ascend up to the rugged mountain, I continued clicking with my feet stepping on the car's seat and made the seat belt quite loose so that I could move and turn whenever possible. I heard my husband telling me..."ahhh things that you do for the sake of photography". I smiled and never uttered a word and continued clicking.

2nd stop for some photo op hahahaha...

A colleague of mine told me that this part of Jebel resembles a place in one of the mountains of South Africa.

3rd stop for another photo op :).....I was just too glad that the sun was out and....

to be on the top (even if I was shaking because it was really cold)
The temperature at the top of the mountain was almost unbearable. We decided to go home since the cafeteria at the top was still closed. I was laughing when I heard the borborygmic sound of my stomach, reminding me that  we actually skipped our breakfast just for the road trip hahahaha!

I never stopped clicking as we descend back to Sanaiya district. This part looks like an African desert. Though I have seen and been to this place for the nth time, it never cease to amaze me. The beautiful rock formations are really awesome....the wonders of God's creation.

We finally got home at around 10:30 AM, exhausted but really happy. It was a great road trip and this is My World Tuesday


  1. What a fun day! And your photos are marvelous as always, Misalyn! Hope your new year is off to a great start with lots of love and laughter!!


  2. Thanks for taking us along on your wild adventure! You made me smile when I saw photos of you being "silly!"
    All the best!

  3. What a great day! I love road trips and I enjoyed your photos.I wish you and yours all the best in 2011.

  4. it's fun to have a day out with no plans, but to photograph everything and you have lots of subjects for that.

  5. Wonderful sky shot, I truly enjoyed seeing them.

    A Very Happy New Year to you!

  6. Thanks for taking me around Al Ain again through your photos. Love all the pics of the place and love the jump shots as well :)

    Happy New Year!

  7. the mountains and terrain are awesome. it's amazing that it gets cold in your part of the world.:p thanks for the sharing your road trip.

  8. that's nice quality time with your love while the kids are out. keep it up and nice shot by the way. Happy New Year misalyn!

  9. hi missy! that's a wonderful shot of the museum, and the aerial view's spectacular.
    but 7 in the morning?! sheesh, i;m still sleeping. hehe. ^0^
    can't take my eyes off you jumping in and out those shots.


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