Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Incense burner

Incense burners are very important in Emirati culture. They usually burn their bakhoor soaked in fragrant oils and oud in mabkhara and pass it on among their guests as a gesture of hospitality. Bakhoor is also used as home fragrance and some women are using it as clothes fragrance especially with their abaya.

I snapped this photo with permission at my favorite perfume store in Khalifa street. This is my second photo that undergone processing with color splash using an Adobe Photoshop CS3. Whew! It took me an hour to finished this one. Thanks to Youtube tutorials. :)) By the way, incense burners in this photo are not the mabkhara. I'll try post something about it sometime next month.

Word of the day: mabkhara is the Arabic word for a traditional incense burner. Salaam!

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  1. Love the pewter base of the burner.

    See, photoshop just needs patience. You are doing well!

  2. Very interesting cultural information from another culture which is different from ours!
    Warmest greetings to you, Misalyn!

  3. What a kind image.

    Please have you all a wonderful Tuesday.

    daily athens

  4. Those are lovely.

    I played too. Mine are here and here.

  5. Very fancy incense burners and lovely effect!

    Thank you for the welcome back, Misalyn! Missed you all and I hope you are doing well!

  6. oh this is a lovely! thanks for sharing!hope you could poppin my page


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