Friday, January 14, 2011

Al Ain Souq series: Woven palm fronds

There are numerous date palms growing around the oases of Al Ain and some of the local Emiratis are still weaving the dried palm fronds. They can make items such as baskets, mats and fans. I have been to Al Ain Souq last week and found these items on sale. I've met an old woman from Al Wagan and asked her about these items. 

The woven cone is called makabbah, an essential item in Emarati household used to cover food and it is available in different sizes while the woven round mat is called soroud on which dishes are placed (I have seen big and square ones sometime  in October 2009). A basket is called jafeer where fruits and vegetables are placed. 

It is very common to see jafeer in supermarkets, grocery stores or even in the fruit and vegetable markets because they are using it in some of the Emarati sweets. It is also common to see fruits arranged in a jafeer as a gift.

Word of the day: Khoos is the Arabic term used to describe the weaving of palm fronds. Salaam!


  1. I always like to look at handicrafts like that!
    Those two Russian pink ladies yesterday made for a fun photo at your local mall!
    Love your blog music!
    happy weekend

  2. hi missy, are those materials like straw hats of some sort, like Banigs in our country?! ^-^
    i like its unique design and craftsmanship.

  3. @Arabesque,
    Hi sissy. Those are made of dried date palm leaves.

  4. You can find similarly shaped pot covers in north Africa, with a difference, they are made of clay over there.

  5. Heheheh, you and me both,always ask info. Your posts are very informative, you are the best tour guide of Al Ain.

  6. hi missy, haha, halatang di binabasa yung post mo. ^0^
    sometimes, a foto caught my eye and i would comment on it already.
    tnx for the info.


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