Saturday, January 15, 2011

Al Ain Souq series: newspapers, tabloids and magazines

Let me tell you a secret. It was in May 2005 when I came to the United Arab Emirates, particularly here in Al Ain City, but it took me ages to discover the Al Ain Souq, which is also known as the Central market to most of the expat residents and Souq alsamak to most of the local Emiratis and Arab residents. If my memory serves me right, June 2007 was my first time to set foot in Al Ain souq. Not that I didn't want to buy anything from the souq but I was just too lazy to walk around or maybe because there wasn't a need.  I stayed at Emirates Commercial Complex (ECC), which is geographically located at the back of Al Falah Plaza (combined supermarket and shops) for 4 months and at Al Jahli which is a stone thrown away from Al Ain Megamart, when hubby came and joined me. Okay, okay...that will be enough. I don't want to bore you to death with my long introduction ;)).

Magazines, broadsheets and tabloids are available at the local supermarkets, hypermarkets, malls, and bookstores. You can find it also at Al Ain Souq, just before the entrance going to the vegetable and fruit stalls. Newspapers are written in Arabic and English text. Gulf News and Khaleej Times are the two most popular English newspapers in the country. There's a wide array of magazines where you can choose from. Magazines from India and the Philippines are always available. I was so delighted to see our very own Liwayway magazine and the Star Studio magazine.

There are two Indian newspaper vendors at Al Ain souq and I have no idea if they are renting the space or they pay taxes to Al Ain Municipality. 

By the way, you can find some coloring books too :)....that is why I don't want to tag along my 7-year old son when its market day, usually on a Friday morning. Am pretty sure that he would make faces and bawl his eyes out if I won't buy him even a single piece.

Word of the day: jareeda is the Arabic word for newspaper. Salaam!


  1. Good morning Jo :)

    Having the coloring books along with the magazines and newspapers sure make Al Ain's newspaper vendors unique. And it's a nice idea I guess because these ones don't get outdated...

  2. he expression of the town does it lively.

    Thank you.
    From Saga, Japan.

  3. Finding our own magazines in a foreign country eases out our nostalgia. I say we are one of the lucky cities that I feel we have our own "Little Manila".

  4. What a wonderful entry and impression of the city ! And yes, finding newspapers from home surely makes life a bit better while living abroad ...

    Please have you all a wonderful Sunday.

    daily athens

  5. haha, anything and everything eh.
    i think i'd love to visit that place.


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