Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Al Ain Souq series: herbs and spices

Spices and herbs are common ingredients to Middle Eastern cuisine, not just to add flavor in the food, but also to add color. In fact, the spices and herbs make the Arabic food so scrumptious and unique. From the very common chicken biryani and shawarma to complicated saloona (well, for me it is), they are abundantly used.

I snapped this photo with permission from the local vendor. Pardon me if I cannot translate those Arabic texts in English since I am not so familiar with their alphabet (aside from the first 7 alphabet). You can ask me to read and write the Arabic numbers but not the Arabic texts (well, for now...I am still trying to learn). As you can see in this photo, there are incense burners, oils and oud aside from the herbs and spices.

If you are planning to buy some at Al Ain Souq, be ready with your basic Arabic since most of the vendors are Arabic speakers.

Word of the day: a'kil is the Arabic word for food. Salaam!


  1. You know what...
    I don't think I have tried any Middle East yet.
    I mean a proper sit down meal.
    Of course, excluding kebabs!

    Ah, I had Afghan meal before.
    Does it count?

  2. I love the bright colours in your photo!

  3. I love to explore their cuisine, so I am good for food tasting! Spices add great flavor!

  4. I am trying to be more adventurous with the use of more spices.

  5. hi missy, those spices can be confusing, whoa! ang dami nya,
    sa atin, we have toyo or patis lang okay na. haha.
    if it were me, i'd definitely have a hard time choosing the right one.


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