Monday, December 20, 2010

Tonight's moon

Before I headed to work this morning, I was imagining of a full moon. I told myself that I will take a moon shot at 07:30 PM when the moon is still low. I grabbed my camera and left the house with a smile on my face. Unfortunately, I left the hospital at around 10:00 PM because I had a "super toxic duty".  I was waiting for a cab when I saw that the sky was so bright and the moon was glistening so brightly on the ground while the stars were almost shimmering. I was about to snapped when the taxi came. I decided that I will just do it after I had my dinner.

This is it! This is tonight's moon. I had to make the background darker for me to appreciate the craters of the moon. I cropped it by 25%.....a visual treat for me!! Hope you like it.

Thank you Lord for the heavenly bodies that makes me happy whenever I look up in the sky. Whenever I am weary from the problems of this paradigm that I called life, I just look up above, make a wish and whisper a prayer in the air.


  1. Award winning photography !

    Please have you and yours a wonderful Wednesday.

    daily athens

  2. Oh my. I wish I can photograph the moon like you do. Very good!


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