Friday, December 3, 2010

Happy 39th UAE National Day!!

I have been a resident of Al Ain for more than five years now and I am so grateful to my host country and to the Emiratis all over the world. On this joyous occasion, I would like to extend my warmest greetings to all my Emirati friends and colleagues. Happy 39th UAE National Day!! 

Photos shown above were taken day before yesterday at Al Mutaredh District and Al Kuwaitat. Downtown Al Ain looks so  lovely and magnificent with those lights in pan Arab color.

A blessed weekend to all! Salaam!


  1. May time and life continue to provide you with all with a light life.

    Please have a good Saturday.

    daily athens

  2. congratulations uae.

    looks like you're the only one out and about at that time of the night :)

    so clean looking.

  3. hi natuloy kami sa Al Ain last Dec 2, the Parks and the Museums are all open even its holiday.

    Ask ko lng pala kung anong gamit mong cam kasi plano ng husband ko bumili. Ano ba mas maganda, payo naman jan from the pro

    ingats and God Bless

    Yellow Bells of Dubai

  4. Hi Yellow bells,

    Open po talaga ang mga parks kahit holiday. Am surprised na open ang mga museums kasi usually pag holiday ay sarado sila. Well, that's good kasi nakalibot talaga kayo ng Al Ain.

    Am using Canon 500D. Most of the DSLR users want Canon or Nikon.


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