Sunday, November 21, 2010

Wish upon the moon #2

I see the moon, 
The moon sees me ,
God bless the moon, 
And God bless me.
-A nursery rhyme 

20 November 2010
...and let me share this Tagalog poem that I have written a while ago:

Buwan, buwan
anong ligaya ko,
kapag ika'y minamasdan.
Dala mong liwanag,
animong marilag,
aking hiling,
iyong pagbigyan.

21 November 2010
We have a golden moon tonight while last night's moon was gray.

Have a pleasant start of a new week to all! 
Word of the day: shuf is tha Arabic word for look/see.Salaam!


  1. How wonderful to meet the artist in you. Great photography ! Please have you all a good new week.

    daily athens

  2. I like these moon shots a lot.

  3. Looks close enough to touch, doesn't it?

  4. great captures. have a lovely week.

  5. Hello.
    I love the moon photos. I've just been sitting on my roof admiring this golden moon. Your pics are excellent:)


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