Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Outdoor Wednesday: an attempt for macro photography

Today is the second day of my sons' week-long monthly exam and I woke up early to help my husband with the kids since I am off from my hospital work. We managed to prepare everything that they need at about 06:30 A.M., almost half an hour early before we send them to their Tito Jeff who gives them a lift to school.

I was standing in front of my PC when I heard Joel saying "Mama, look! the moon is still glistening so brightly and the sun is starting to rise". I asked my husband to get my camera and immediately went outside to witness the glory of sunrise. I snapped for several times until I heard my children saying "Bye Mama". I asked my hubby if we can walk around since today's weather is perfect. On our way to Hazzaa mosque, I saw this tiny, yellow weed's flower (its actual size is almost a 25 fils coin) and that prompted me to try macro photography for the 5th time.

I took this photo to give you an idea about the flower's original size

hubby took this shot while I was trying to take a decent macro shot

That was the biggest image that I could get. Oh! I terribly want a macro lens. Can somebody spare me a macro lens? ;)

Am linking this post to Outdoor Wednesday hosted by Susan.

Word of the day: khamsa mara is the Arabic term for the 5th time. Salaam!


  1. wow...nice click.
    I like macro photography.

  2. Nice yellow MACRO, Misalyn! Happy Wednesday!

  3. Size.

    Great photography ! The very best of luck for the exams and a good Thursday for you all.

    daily athens

  4. Lovely! Join the club of the macro lens wishfuls! BTW, a tripod helps a lot.


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