Friday, October 15, 2010

Roundabout Series: Al Dahmaa Roundabout

Al Dahmaa Roundabout is one of the biggest roundabouts here in Al Ain City. It is located at Al Dahmaa District, about 13 kms. northwest of Al Ain Town Center. Compared to the roundabouts in downtown Al Ain, this one is quite different because of the fences that covers the whole area. I like the ornamental weeds, foliage and the camel statues that emphasize its 'beauty'.

Photos shown below were taken 11 days ago on a sunny day with clear blue sky. I have included 3 photos (last 3 images) which were taken a month ago because I would like you to see the difference between day and night snaps. So far it was only the moon on the 2nd to the last image which gave me an impression that night snaps are bit better. And maybe the lamp posts too. 

I snapped this photo at 150-meter distance

Have a nice weekend everyone!
Word of the day: jamal is the Arabic word for camel. Salaam!


  1. awesome creatures!

    Warm Aloha from Waikiki

    Comfort Spiral

  2. I was attracted by the camels. I thought they were real.


  3. May they lead you always towards an oasis of happiness.

    daily athens

  4. You know that I love, love, love those creatures!!

  5. ahhh.. those camels sis... they brought me to places.. to many places in Egypt! err... i mean the real ones *winks* :)

    hey sis Misalyn! i'm back! Lol! ;)


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