Monday, October 18, 2010

"Passion flower"

I snapped this photo at Al Jahili Park this morning. Its actual size is about 2 inches. A commonly seen flower here in Al Ain but I still don't know its name and that's the reason why I coined the name "passion flower" since its color is red. Click here if you wish to see the black and white version.

Word of the day: ahmar is the Arabic word for red. Salaam!


  1. I love this flower picture! What a great start to the day!

    B xx

    Love the new template, too.

  2. So beautiful...I love this flower.

    Here's my Ruby for you

  3. Nice to catch up on your blog today! I love the beautiful flower and of course the music!

  4. Not totally sure, might be bougainvillea. Whatever it is, it's gorgeous.

  5. Gorgeous capture--ahmar indeed!! I enjoyed my visit to your faraway blog.

  6. wow beautiful flower :).. Please visit mine too my friend :)

  7. I really love your song here isis, gayunon man na flower na an.

    My Ruby Tuesday

  8. Sis,kalachuchi eto sa pinas- scientific name Plumeria rubra
    FRANGIPANI naman sa english dito sa taiwan c0mm0n ang flower nato at rose in the dessert flower tawag nila(pinatranslate ko sa hr namin yung tsekwa) at insearch ko sa net sa vietnam at taiwan ADENIUM(dessert flower) ang tawag nila

  9. I believe that this may be the Desert Rose, or Adenium Obesum:


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