Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hili Archeological Park Series: Huge fountain

Few meters from the Hili 10 Building (will post about it on Thursday or Friday), there's a huge fountain that will catch every visitor's attention, not just because of its size but because of its prime location where it is erected. It is located parallel to the entrance and when you're visiting this park for the first time, am pretty sure that you'll notice this first instead of the historical tombs and settlement buildings. I don't know the exact measurements but I think it is approximately 12 meters in diameter (base) and 15-18 ft. high. I stood in front of this fountain and asked hubby to take photos. I did enjoy the water mist every time the wind blows towards our direction.

Click here if you wish to read about the Hili Grand Tomb and click here if you wish to be taken to Watery Wednesday's main webpage. Join us and get those eyes cyber wet!

Word of the day: kabeer is the Arabic word for large/huge. Salaam!


  1. Very stately and oh so very impressive.

    My watery photos are now posted if you'd care to stop by and view.

  2. that fountain looks majestic. ^0^
    like i want to dip my feet in there. haha!

  3. this is certainly an eye-catching fountain. great shot.

  4. Your blog has taken me to your world without flying!

    Kabeer indeed!

    P.S. Love your new header.

  5. How beautiful its sound must be.

    Please have a good Thursday.

    daily athens

  6. A beautiful fountain! Perfect shot for Watery Wednesday!

  7. my eyes are now cyber wet, all thanks to you sis! hehehe!


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