Friday, September 24, 2010

Walking along the beach at sunset

I was trying to figure out which program shall I use to make a photo collage until hubby told me to try the Paintbrush since I don't know how to use the Photoshop and Picasa. For the border and frame, ACDSee Photomanager worked well with me. Ahhhhh....I still need more time to study about these programs.

Images shown above were taken last week at Jumeirah Open Beach in Umm Suqiem, Dubai, around 130 kms from Al Ain.

Have a great weekend my blogger friends. My sincere apologies for not visiting your blogs these past few weeks. I am a bit emotionally unwell till this time because of hubby's ligament injury. He will submit himself under the knife for ACL Reconstruction soon after the 6-week physical therapy.

Click here if you wish to see more skies from all over the world. Thanks to Skywatch Team!

Word of the day: tah'ban is the Arabic word for sick or unwell. Salaam!


  1. Your beach photo collage is gorgeous! What a lovely place to walk at sunset. I hope your hubby's surgery and recovery go well. :)

  2. you can sell this as a postcard. professional shots.

  3. It's not bad at all, you did it well and looks like a postcard, cute.

  4. Your collage is fantastic, Misalyn! You could certainly sell it as a postcard! Marvelous job! I do hope all goes well with your husbands surgery, I can understand your concern! I'll be holding good thoughts for you both! Take care!


  5. Beautiful photos ~ one needs lots of time to learn photoshop ~

  6. your shots are amazing!

    Beautiful skies.

    Sunset Highway

    I love your blog and I decided to follow!

  7. I love your sky collage. You organized the photos beautifully. Happy Sky Watch to you.

  8. Your beach photos are gorgeous! My favorite thing to do is walk on the beach.

  9. Feel better, Hubby.

    GREAT shots!

    Aloha from Waikiki

    Comfort Spiral

  10. These are really terrific shots.

  11. ACL? Oh no, tough recovery period. Tell him he'll be in my prayers, that the surgery will go well and that he'll recover quickly so the two of you can take long walks on this beach again with its lovely sunsets.

  12. Hope hubby's surgery will go smoothly.

    Misalyn, paki try mo itong link para sa collage:

  13. here's hoping for your husband's speedy recovery.

    beautiful collage. i am also clueless about photo shop, etc. one of these days, kakaririn ko rin mga yan.:p

  14. Beautiful collage of a stunning sunset on the beach, Misalyn, The hotel in construction reminds me of Khartoum! I pray for your hubby's surgery and swift recovery. Blessings and hugs Jo

  15. Just beautiful. I don't come here often because you are to busy with pictures and work but the pictures are well worth it, . Hope hubby"s surgery goes well.

  16. wow ,missy!
    you always manage to capture clear and brilliant shots! ^0^

    on one hand, i pray for your hubby's treatment and good recovery.

    and yes, the weather has been crazy lately, every time it changes, my throat gets all dry and itchy. ^-^
    anyways, i do wish you have a pleasant week ahead.

  17. What a beautiful postcard you did create !

    Please have you all a good start into the weekend.

    daily athens

  18. Nice collage! No need to do the collage in Photoshop ;)

    Sana maging okay naman ang surgery. Wishing you and your family well.

    Miss N

  19. Gorgeous shots, Misalyn! Absolutely gorgeous! Awesome texture, too!!

    Wishing you a great weekend!



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