Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Roundabout Series: "The Other Jabal Roundabout"

In the southern part of town, along Khaled Ibn Sultan Street of Al Mnaizfah Community in the Al Muwaiji District, there's a beautiful roundabout with waterfalls, lush grass and foliage. As far as I know, this roundabout doesn't have a name and I think the word jabal is more appropriate for this roundabout rather than the true Jabal Roundabout (click to compare).

This is how the roundabout looks like from afar(against the light shot)....

and this is how it looks like from 100-meter distance. I like its lush grass that goes well with the waterfalls.

Moving closer to the roundabout (oh yeah I crossed the street! Kids, don't you ever try what I have done, it's too dangerous!), you will see that there are ornamental weeds and foliage.

There are waterfalls on both east and west sides. On the east side....

there is a walk way that runs right in front of the waterfalls with this small wooden bridge.

I walked in and went up with these steps leading up to the top of the "rock formation" and found out that...

the waterfalls from the top flows to the west side, it looks like that each side has different water source.

Look what I have found! I think the white metal box(connected to water pipes) on the left side is the water source since it looks similar to our water meter attached to our water tank. If you will look closer at the second photo, you will notice that there's a small "cave". I saw that it houses the electrical equipment.

And these are some of the night shots, so that you can compare the difference with those lamp posts all lit up. 

That's all folks. Hope you like it.

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Word of the day: jabal is Arabic word for mountain. Salaam!


  1. You have a good study on a roundabout. lol.

    You are going to have a long holiday. Are you?

    Happy holiday.

  2. Oh beautiful, Misalyn. I felt as if I'm there at the waterfalls with you. Bless you my friend. Jo

  3. Oh that's pretty & I'm glad you showed the night shots too - Even prettier at night w/ the lights shining on the falls

  4. waterfalls in the middle of the desert is a refreshing welcome sight.

  5. Oh, my! I have never seen a roundabout with so much attention paid to how it looks! Beautiful! Here, we might get some flowers...

  6. That's quite an impressive collection of photos from the roundabout, bridge, etc!

  7. this is a mini park in the middle of the road.:p beautiful landscaping!


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