Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Photos shown below were taken in July 2010 at the parking area of The Dubai Mall. I must say that it's quite pretty coz it really entertained me while I was waiting for hubby to look for a space to park the car.

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Word of the day: helwa is the Arabic word for pretty. Salaam!


  1. Beautiful Misalyn. Have a wonderful day, Hugs Jo

  2. Helwa!

    Ibang klaseng parking lot 'yan a, may fountain pa!

  3. VERY pretty!!

    My Watery photos are about the 'disaster area' in town during a day long rainstorm. Click Here if you'd care to join me today with your visit.

  4. Nice! I love how the fountain keeps changing colors. And you captured them perfectly :)

  5. Looks a bit like the Bellagio fountains in Vegas

  6. How beautiful indeed. Like the "blue" most.

    Please have a peaceful Thursday.

    daily athens


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