Monday, August 30, 2010

Simple observation

This shot was taken at the back of Al Ain Souq and about few meters away from the bus station. This is a typical scenario during Fridays. Being a resident of Al Ain City for more than five years now, I have come to know who's who (nationality wise) according to the clothes that they wear, the stuff they buy from the market and its quantity but am having difficulty distinguishing Bangladeshis or Bengalis from Nepalis.

Word of the day: Malaabis is the Arabic word for clothes. Salaam!


  1. that is a wonderful street scene. i love people watching too.

  2. In pa rin ang denims. Malinis ang yung colored plastic bags para ring nasa Pinas.

  3. reminds me of little india here :)

  4. Well captured street scene at the bus station, Misalyn. Thanks for sharing. Have a blessed day, my dear friend. (((Hugs))) Jo

  5. Looks peaceful to me, yet am missing the women, but maybe they are stil busy with shopping ;) Wishing you a good new month.

    daily athens


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