Friday, August 27, 2010

One, Two, Three......begin!

A group of nurses and doctors from the Ambulatory Care and Primary Health Centers of Abu Dhabi Health  Services Co.(SEHA) participated in the Basic Life Support training last Sunday at Tawam Hospital's Life Support Training Center. They have successfully passed the practical and written test given by the training center.

Photos shown above were taken during the practice session of compressions for an infant single rescuer  CPR. They were asked to practice 3 cycles of compressions and ventilations while watching the video. Yours truly was one of instructors during that day and our Lead instructor was Ms. Fredrika (image #4, lady in brown slacks).

Congratulations nurses and doctors! Well done!

Word of the day: tabib is the Arabic word for a doctor (masculine). 


  1. It's interesting! is the technique applied only for the baby?

    anyway, the word tabib used too in Bahasa Indonesia, and it has the same meaning which is a doctor/medician.

  2. The work to save life is true vocation really.

    You give oneself to the job and are happy.

    I respect you. . .

    From Japan.
    Thank you.

  3. Just like life, sudden and demanding. A deep bow in respect of this work and its challenges.
    Please have you all a good weekend.

    daily athens

  4. Yay, my CPR cert expired! Being able to save lives is very rewarding! Congratulations to all nurses and doctors and everyone in the medical field!

  5. @Dindin MK,
    compressions using two fingers is applicable only to infants. There's a different way of compressing an adult chest for single or double rescuer CPR.

    @Ruma, Robert and Ebie,
    Big thanks to you.


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