Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Mezyad Fort (Part 2 of 2)

Here's the continuation of my post about the Mezyad Fort. Click here if you wish to read the Part 1 or simply scroll down your mouse and look for the older posts phrase.

In 1980s and 1990s restorations of the fort took place and those were initiated by the Department of Antiquities and Tourism. Nowadays, the Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage is the one responsible for its maintenance (source: ADACH).

With the fort's current condition, I must say that they should consider the idea of restorating and renovating it and they should think of adding some information about the fort at the place itself or they can provide some tourist guides. For a person like me, I find it as an enjoyable place to explore but for those people who are not so interested about the place, am pretty sure that they will find it boring.

This is the courtyard, showing the 2 towers with some date palm trees. I tried my best to take a photo with the 3 towers but the lens which I brought was not capable of taking a wide angle shot.

Ghet and the boys were so brave enough to check out some of the  rooms but my youngest bawled his eyes out when his brother started screaming and made fun of the his own echo. Joel kept on screaming until I uttered the word "Khalas!"

In this photo, my hubby and Joel made their way up to the second tower without going through the steps while yours truly was so afraid to climb.

We followed Joel and hubby but we used the steps and stairs leading to the second tower.

At one of the fort's corner, I tried to view all the directions including its surroundings while my hubby and children were goofing around though I asked them to take pictures of interesting sceneries..

View of the desolated part of the desert on the west side. About 100 meters from here is the Oman border post. Photography is not allowed in this area.

A well, which I believed was the source of water during the military and trucial guards stay in the fort.

Date palm trees on the east side
We stayed there for almost 2 hours, we were so tired but happy. It's really nice to discover places and learned something out of the adventure. Thanks to Google Earth and to the gasoline boy at ADNOC Mezyad Station for providing us the directions.

Word of the day: khalas is the Arabic word for enough, sufficient or stop. Salaam! Have a nice day!!


  1. nice place to explore. is there an entrance fee?

  2. @Photo cache,
    There's no entrance fee.

  3. nice place...wish ko makapunta din diyan...saya naman ng mga tsikiting mo pati si bossing hhehehhe...

  4. ang ganda naman, pero mas maganda ang kinalabasan dahil kasama ang pamilya :)

  5. you captured beautifully.

    job well done again Ms. Misalyn

    thanks for sharing!


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