Saturday, August 21, 2010


Of my more than five years as a resident here in the United Arab Emirates, I have never been to Dubai Creek and Dubai Souq; not until  few months ago when I asked hubby if I can take pictures of the places mentioned above. Of course yours truly was very excited to take pictures of the abras and experience the Arabian water taxi. I was taking some shots of Dubai creekscape when I spotted (thru my lens) this Indian man chillaxing ;) at the middle of the creek, alone at the abra.....most probably waiting for his turn to dock his abra and wait for passengers. 

By the way, an abra is a traditional boat made of wood and commonly used by tourists, common folks, and nostalgics to travel across Dubai Creek from Deira to Bur Dubai and vice versa. Many people prefer abras to go to work because they are cheaper than taxis and buses and to avoid the traffic on the bridges and tunnels that enable commuters to cross the creek. Please click here for more info.

Posted for The Weekend in Black and White hosted by Dragonstar. 
Word of the day: markeb is the Arabic word for a boat. Salaam!


  1. Life rarely ever looked easier. Please have a good Sunday.

    daily athens

  2. wow! great monoshot! i love chillaxing too. :)

  3. Hi Misalyn,
    Simply beautiful B&W photo!
    Happy Sunday!

  4. Lovely photo, Misalyn. Hubby and I want to go boating on the Nile, now that it's so full of water! Have a wonderful day. (((Hugs))) Jo

  5. if only life can be so laid back like this, ^0^
    have a gr8 week ahead missy! ^0^

  6. Great post and info on the abras. Cool photo!

  7. The scenery seems to describe very elegant time.

    From Japan.
    Thank you.


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