Sunday, August 15, 2010

Around the World in 60 Days: Spain

Two months ago I have featured the Emarati's Al Yolla and a month ago I have posted about the Greek Folk Dances for Bawadi Mall's Around the World in 60 Days, featuring various cultures through traditional dances presented by group of performers from different countries across 5 continents.

Today, let me share share these photos of the performers from Spain which was taken a month ago and have been sitting in my file archives because yours truly was quite busy these past few weeks. Well, it's time to share what I have seen on that day.

I loved their bright and stunning. I really liked the sound of their stomping feet while they were dancing the Pasodoble which matched the lively music. My heart beats along with the music and with the performers' as they danced gracefully.

The Flamenco was a sure hit. Three beautiful statuesque women took the center stage and enthralled the audience. Aside from the colorful costumes, the sinus movements of their arms, hands and feet with proud and distinctive carriage of their body were truly amazing. I guess their beautiful and smiling faces were one of the reasons why I found it remarkable. Well, it may sound biased because I really like the mestizas.  :)

Then came the third and last performance. I was trying to figure out what they were dancing when my youngest son told me that my hubby was calling me. I just snapped few more pictures and left while my mind was still wondering and thinking what was the last dance all about. I've noticed the lovely and sexy costume especially the wide belt on their waists. It has a distinctive sound when they put their hands on it. So funny that I was even looking at the ladies armpits as I walked away from the audience. Lol!

That's all folks. I had a wonderful night (my children told me that it was boring). Like what I have said, I really like going to Bawadi Mall not because of shopping but because I am enjoying these kind of cultural presentations.

Word of the day: jameela or helwa is the Arabic word for beautiful. Salaam!


  1. Nice! They have colorful costumes and graceful dance. Too bad, I didn't have the chance to see flamenco when Iwas in Madrid 2 years ago. Have a nice week!

  2. waa, clean armpits eh?! ^0^
    hehe, kids do get bored, they want entertainment and loads of action. ^0^ i would've like to stay there and watch the whole thing, but your pictures were already interesting. ^0^ which among the performances were the best for you? ^0^

  3. great shots. i love watching cultural perfomances like this one.

  4. @arabesque,
    Flamenco was the best.


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