Thursday, July 15, 2010

S-A-L-E !

Shopping seems to be one of the past times here in the United Arab Emirates, and as such shopping festivals are big events. Even after the Abu Dhabi Shopping Festival, which was held in March, shopping malls in all over the country are having their own summer sale events. Jewelries, fashion clothes, perfumes and electronic gadgets are particularly popular.

Photo shown above was taken last week at the IKEA shop in Marina Mall at central Abu Dhabi. The boy was simply telling her Mama (while his mama was busy clicking hahaha!) to check out great bargains and particularly interested with kiddies' study table and toys.

Word of the day: walad is the Arabic word for boy. Salaam!


  1. Every one looks forward to sale extravaganza. I don't do as much shopping nowadays and if I do I prefer to go to open air markets/bazaars or flea market.

  2. coll perspective and
    vivid colours! well done!


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