Friday, July 16, 2010

"Here comes the sun" (drive-by snaps)

E66 is a stretch of road from Al Ain to Dubai, also known as Dubai-Al Ain Road, which is one of the deadliest routes to drive on here in the United Arab Emirates. Speed limit is set to 80 kph for truck and buses or any public utility transport and 120 kph for private cars. Road is monitored by radar.

Last week, we've been to Jumeirah Open Beach for recreation and relaxation. It was about 2 hours of  travel and I didn't want to disturb my hubby while he's driving. It was one of my lucky days (since I am on perennial night shift...sigh*) because it was not so humid and cloudy. I saw the sun when it finally came out and shone richly over the sand dunes and trees. My only regret is that the photos I had taken were drive-by snaps. It could have been sharp and marvelous if the car's window was widely open or we stopped by the shoulders for a while to take some decent snaps.
06:15 AM
06:40 A.M.
07:00 A.M
a closer shot of the sun

Word of the day: shams is the Arabic word for the sun. Salaam!

Happy 3rd Anniversary to Skywatch Friday!!


  1. Love your pics, especially the #2.
    What a rare pic. They are all gems!
    Haven't seen you around..for quite some time.
    have a lovely wekend!
    B hugs

  2. Yeah, those power lines that keep getting the way of a good view... at least you got a perfect one with that bird perched on one, saluting the sun!

    You did great for the drive-by shoot.


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