Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Guest Photo: Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary (a drive-by shot)

I have been a resident of UAE for more than five years now but I never had an idea that there's a bird sanctuary in the heart of urbanized Dubai, not until last Saturday when my kids asked me to go to Jumeirah Beach. It was humid and foggy afternoon with blazing 40 degree Celsius temperature. On our way to Ras Al Khor, I was looking at the sky through my lens. As usual, sky watching is one of my favorite things to do while stuck in a long trip.

All of the sudden, Joel (my son) told me "look Mama! while pointing his fingers towards the scenery. My husband told me that it's a bird sanctuary and the entrance is for free. Our plan was to drop off my youngest brother to his place of work and we will go to Jumeirah Beach. I told the kids that we will visit the sanctuary sometime next month. For the meantime, the picture shown above will be enough for us. I know that it doesn't look nice but through this photo, we will start counting down the days until we will finally set our feet to Ras Al Khor bird sanctuary.

If you wish to read more about RAKWS, click here and here

My entry for Watery Wednesday hosted by 2sweetnsaxy.
Word of the day: al tayr is the Arabic word for bird. Salaam!


  1. That is so cool! Look at all the birds, fantasic photo! I love it with the bridge and skyline in the back!

  2. hi missy! the place looks divine! ^0^

  3. Nice capture of that bird sanctuary - perfect for Watery Wednesday!

  4. your kids are visiting? did they come with your hubby?

    i am sure now that you discovered this place it would be one of your must go to places.

  5. those birds are enjoying the hot weather, and sunbathing.:p marvelous shot--oh, i also love the bridge at the horizon.

  6. I can see herons? Are they herons? I can see them from here!

  7. Ay naku! What a wonderful shot of the birds in the city! I didn't see that when I was in Dubai a few years ago.

  8. thank you guys for dropping by my blog.

    @Ewok, kids will be staying here with us. Yes, they came all together last week.

    @AL, they are herons and flamingos.


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