Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Golden sunset (drive-by shots)

Sunsets never cease to amaze me and sky watching is one of my favorite things to do especially when I am sick. Somehow it alleviates the pain. 

Photos shown above were taken yesterday at around 06:50 PM at Naima District, on our way home from Naima Clinic, one of the satellite clinics of Tawam Hospital. It may not be the best sunset photos but just the same, I want to share it with you, my blogger friends. As you can see, the images are distorted because I forgot to open the window.

Word of the day: tahban is the Arabic word for sick or tired. Salaam!


  1. Nice "drive-by shooting" of those photos! Brilliant!

  2. ooh! nice, dreamy sunsets as always. ^0^ like me, i don't get tired seeing them.

  3. Pure voyage photos...Like the tones and vertical lines in the firsts.


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