Thursday, July 22, 2010

First Safeer Centre's Fountain at Al Khabisi

It was in March 2010 when I featured the First Safeer Centre for the first time as my entry for City Daily Photo Theme day (click here if you wish to read my post and have a look at the photos of the passageway). We've been there last week because I was craving for something sweet and cold. I thought of going there because there's an ice cream store at First Safeer Centre but we ended up with pizza, salad and buffalo wings at Pizza Hut. Lol!

We were so delighted to discover that there's a 'dancing' fountain that operates daily at night time. It may not be as spectacular compared to the dancing fountains of Al Ain Town Square and The Dubai Fountain, but it was pretty enough to enthrall the kids especially my son JM (4th photo: JM with Ghet).

First Safeer Centre is strategically located at Al Khabisi Community of Al Jimi District, about 10-minute drive from Al Ain Town Center and about few meters away from Al Jimi Mall. I've been there at day time and I must say that it looks so magical by night with lamp posts all lit up and the fountain dancing to the tune of a romantic Arabic music. There's more, my husband discovered that there is a dry market adjacent to it!

Word of the day: siyada is the Arabic word for more, too much or many. You may use the word katir or katheer depending on the subject. Salaam!


  1. Not only dancing, but with rainbow lights too! Fun!

  2. How beautifully colourful and fun for the kids, too. Thanks for sharing Misalyn. And thanks for the new word for "more, etc" I only know Khateer. Bless you my friend. (((Hugs))) Jo

  3. be a child. Please have you all a great Friday.

    daily athens


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