Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Bawadi Mall's Around the World in 60 days (Greek Folk Dance)

Visiting and strollin' around Al Ain's Bawadi Mall never fails to amuse me. I must say that the organizers and sponsors of the 2-month long multicultural presentation with a theme of Around the World in 60 Days are truly remarkable. Bawadi Mall is one of the places in Al Ain where you can appreciate the diversified and multicultural society living within the Emirates.

I have seen the Emaratis how they danced the Al Yolla (you can click here if you wish to read my post about it) and I really liked it. Last Wednesday, I have seen the Greek dancers performed and danced the Syrtos, Tsestos and Chasapiko. With the dancers' powerful and graceful movement, the spectators were awed by their performance. Opa!!

Posted for My World Tuesday. Click here to check out all the participants.

Word of the day: raqs is the Arabic word for dance/dancing. Salaam!


  1. Hello Misalyn. Thank you for your visits and your nice comments on my blog.
    I m glad you had this multicultural festival in the Emirates. The photographs you are posting here, I can tell are of those of dancers from Crete, judging from their dresses and the various poses.
    I can tell they are performing, at least three different dances from what i can tell.
    The first photo is from a dance we call "Pentozalis" meaning five steps. But you can also interpret it as .. five steps that make you dizzy.., as this dance is a quick one. The other dance.. with the pairs is "sousta'.. another traditional dance of Crete. And of course there must be "syrtos".. another dance.. rather slow.but equally beautiful
    If you want to add some music of Crete to your post, you can use the music from a video from Crete, that I have uploaded at YouTube.
    I have a video there with some scenery and music from Crete.
    Best regards.

    PS. Here is the link for my video:

  2. fun to see the dancing and their costumes! Great theme of around the world!

  3. Wow. That sounds like a wonderful way to see snippets of various cultures.

  4. Beautiful costume and great post, Misalyn. Blessings from Khartoum

  5. What a joy to see the world fiding a nice and peaceful place. Being originaly from Germany, sadly am still learning about the Greek dances on me own. Yet am able to tell that they are surely a challenge to learn.
    Please have you all a great Wednesday.

    daily athens


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