Saturday, June 5, 2010


subway at Al Mutaredh District along Khalifa Street (Abu Dhabi Road)

I have been a resident of Al Ain City for more than five years now and it's such a tremendous and constant 'battle' against homesickness being away from my comfort zone. In times of melancholy or happiness, the subway shown above is my constant 'companion'. If only this subway can tell, am pretty sure that it is capable of sharing real stories about me.

Word of the day: khalam is the arabic word for talk or tell. Salaam!


  1. I think there is something about trains, subway, or other, that can sooth our feelings of separation from another place. Maybe it is the desire or temptation to hop on and ride until we reach that place we miss so much. This photo is quite nice in black and white...which also lends a moody tone.

  2. I just bookmarked you on my pc - sometimes i simply can't locate you.

    Still getting bouts of homesickness? I've been away from PI for a long time and I still feel nostalgic about the place and the friends I left behind.

  3. Hi Lyn, if the person who emailed you is John Smith, affirmative. He paid me right away after I submitted him the link to the post. As long as you have a paypal account, there would be no problem, so go ahead hehehe..

    Nga pala, invite kita to join my Nostalgia meme sa Nostalgic Marveling blog. It's every Thursday... Hope you can join..

  4. Abu Dhabi is beautyfulllllllll :)

  5. Great photo :)

  6. At least the subway is always there for you...great in mono.

  7. remember a song because of this post...

    It goes like this:

    Train, Train Go way...
    Come again another day...
    Little Children wants to play!!!


    cool post.

  8. great composition! Nice BW picture...

  9. Great pictures. I love them.

  10. Hi Misalyn;) oh my friend, I empathise with you all the way. I often get deeply homesick (see my Scenic Sunday post today!) but know I have to stay here for now. You have the right attitude to being away from the comfort zone: making the best and finding the best of what you are in. Keep your stunning photos and text and one day when you return to your homeland (like I will too!) you publish a book on that colourful city in the desert, Al Ain. Off the subject: I hope you don't mind, my dear, I'm adding a [Sudanese] Arabic word to my blog every day. Thank you for helping me when I first got here to Khartoum. I now use many of the phrases you sent me (clean the bedroom, then the sitting room! Open the door, close the door, etc!) As you said that time, there are diffences from your area to mine and these are the words I'm posting. I've linked your B E A U T I F U L blog to my last three posts.

  11. Don't worry Misalyn. I miss home too!

    Hope you continue keeping your camera busy so you would not think of homesickness much.


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