Sunday, June 27, 2010


It is quite eerily quiet tonight. All lamp posts were switched off early by the natuwr. I was standing by my window when I saw the if it's inviting me to grab my gadgets out of my camera bag and snap its beauty right away.

I was so desperate to take a good close up shot but to no avail. I really wanted to capture every detail of it. So unlucky that I don't own a nice telephoto lens. Photo turned up gloomy and spooky :(. Nevertheless, that was once in a blue moon opportunity for me to capture the beauty of the moon because I am on perennial night duties. Spooky? be it!

Word of the day: natuwr  is the arabic word for watchman. Salaam!


  1. ganda nga eh nakita ko din yan kanina nung nasa park kami ni tsekwa...kaso lang tinatabunan na siya ng ulap...sira pa din laptop ko ang hirap gumamit ng cp huh!

  2. spooky? And very beautiful! That is a great shot!

  3. very nice.....and spooky

    Aloha from Waikiki

    Comfort Spiral

  4. Looks like a "harvest moon" at home...wrong time of year, though, and I suspect the result of a lot of sand in the air, perhaps?

  5. You actually captured quite a lot of details here. I get nothing but a tiny blob of light with my itsy-bitsy camera. ;)

    And I don't find it spooky at all. I love the full moon in all its colors. Well, I just might freak out if it was blood red. ;)

  6. How very beautiful ! Please have a great Tuesday.

    daily athens

  7. Awesome MOON photo! I need a big telephoto lens to get a shot like yours! I'll take a MOON snap someday like yours when I grow up!


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