Thursday, June 17, 2010

Enchanting Bottles

Incanto perfumes by Salvatore Ferragamo

I have to confess that I have a thing for perfumes (aside from the fences and silver & crystals hahaha) but I don't use and wear them every day. I just love collecting perfumes because of the enchanting bottles, its shape and design. 

In here, Paris Gallery is one of the most popular perfume stores. It has a wide array of brands that you can choose from but I don't usually buy my perfumes in Paris Gallery. There's a perfume depot in Khalifa Street that I have discovered in 2007. I was so surprised about the prices, it is really reasonable till this time.

Word of the day: attar is the arabic word for perfume. Salaam!


  1. The bottle is a gorgeous design.
    Probably the fragrance will be wonderful, too.


  2. i don't wear too much perfume anymore but i still love the bottles they come in; now if only they are quite affordable i would have a collection of the bottles only.


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