Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Al Yolla

I saw these men performing at Bawadi Mall's Around the World in 60 Days representing the UAE. They  were dancing the Al Yolla, which is a traditional battle scene dance from the UAE. 

Al Yolla is one of the most common UAE traditional dances, performed by a group of men using their sticks, rifles or sometimes swords. Usually, the performers form 2 or 4 rows, with alternating forward and backward steps which symbolizes victory and defeat. 

The very first time that I saw Emarati men performing Al Yolla was in July 2007, in a wedding celebration held at the wedding grounds and khaleej tents in Al Hili District.

Word of the day: khaleej is the arabic word for gulf. Salaam!


  1. May they continue to dance in peaceful happiness. Please have a nice Thursday.

    daily athens

  2. A very, very cool photo with lots of cultural stuff going on! Bravo!

  3. ang galing naman hhehehhe para rin yung napanood ko sa video ng friend ko nung pumunta sila ng turkey traditional dance din nila yun pag may okasyon ganyang ganyan din...


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