Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Against the light shots at Al Jahli Park

Right after my night shift, I had a lazy morning walk at Al Jahli Park. Temperature was still bearable and still conducive for my against the light shots. I was like a kid looking at the water sprinklers as it turned from one side to the other. An hour after, I decided to go home because the temperature has started to soar, it was almost scorching as the sun started to spread its rays into the horizon. Ahhhh...summer heat! Can't wait for the winter time. Time to sleep and I'll dream about the winter.

Word of the day: shams is the arabic word for the sun. Salaam!


  1. Ganda mga park dyan n0h,parang bag0 lahat unlike ka0hsiung alm0st ng park dito dekada na kaya di na maganda

  2. Great view, beautiful shots too!~

    Hope you can drop by to look at my Watery Wednesday

  3. we can always dream.:p i'm deaming of cooler breezes without the rain. love the shots.

  4. Lovely building, and interesting the water for watering the garden!

  5. Love the pictures and glad I like being back in the loop. I am going to think positive and my heart will not flip out . But if it does I will deal with it.

  6. It must take a lot of watering to keep the grass green in such a hot place, right?


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