Monday, May 24, 2010

"Tree of Life"

I'm a bit tired today and am still on tonight that's why I was in a hurry to go home after endorsing my patients to the day shift staff.

On my way to the taxi stand, I saw this bird looking engrossed that he didn't mind me at all. I kept my sight to this bird and after few seconds I concluded that he's actually looking at the palm tree. I asked myself; "Is there anything special with the palm tree today?"
 I moved closer and  clicked my camera....I saw the dates fruit.

I stepped closer to the palm tree and I've noticed how dazzling and irresistible it may appeal to the and unripe. Sorry birdie, wait for some time...wait for the 'Feast of Dates'...Inshallah, in few months time.

Date palm tree is known to many in Arabia as the 'tree of life'. Dates fruit can be used for baking as a sweetener but it should not be used as a replacement for sugar. It can be eaten fresh or dried once it is ripe.  During the holy month of Ramadan, dates fruit should be eaten first after the salah al maghrib (sunset prayer). If you'd like to read more about the dates, click here.

Word of the day: a'kil is the arabic word for food. Salaam!


  1. I see many date palm here in Florida also but I never heard them referred to as 'the tree of life' ... that's nice to know, Misalyn.

    Your photos are are quite a pro photographer :)

  2. I agree with commenter above, You take great pictures. And I never knew dates grew like that, Thank you for sharing,.

  3. hi missy! my own trivia: i put red dates on my oatmeal every br8kfst. ^0^ but intresting to see them up close.
    so no wonder, this cute bird just wouldn't mind you clicking at all.
    he's more occupied with the dates. ^0^
    i wish you a pleasant not so hectic week! ^0^

  4. Makes one think about nature and the way it makes usage of time and life.
    Wishing you a calm and peacefilled Tuesday.

    daily athens


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