Thursday, May 20, 2010

"Silver and Crystals"

I have to confess that I have a thing for silver and crystals (aside from the fences hahaha!). Last Friday, after taking few snaps in Al Ain Bus Station, I told my brother (my hubby is not around, good thing that my brother is available on weekends) that it would be nice to walk around downtown Al Ain going to Choithram Supermarket (Al Mada Complex Branch) instead of taking a taxi.

We were at the Al Ain Town Center when I saw a store full of silver and crystal products. I asked my brother if we can just pass by and have a look at their crystal dellah. I asked the salesman cum cashier if I can take a picture of their products. Unfortunately, he answered me with a BIG no. I guess it was one of my unlucky days. I did not insist, we turned our back and left the store.

We crossed the street towards Choithram Supermarket and I took this photo from afar :) My brother laughed out loud and gave me a high five hahahaha! 
Word of the day: dellah is the arabic coffee pot. Salaam!


  1. Good for you, Misalyn! You got a great shot! And a high five from Seattle! Beautiful crystal! Good luck on your exam! Have a great weekend!


  2. Mis.. you know what im a habitually offender in these cases as i dont like taking No's for petty issues like this! but these aren't petty issues.. they think that we can "steal their designing, manner and way of presenting" if we capture a photo and then Publish it! you've done exactly that! You have published their State of the art stuff, which they didnt want to happen! Any clever business body can now..see your blog (by chance) and go for making such della and design them this. no uniqueness will be left! hahha

    but distributing knowledge about your city is one thing that is of PARAMNOUNT IMPORTANCE for this BLOG and BLOGGERS WELFARE

    CARRY IT ON we liked it


  3. Beautiful crystal. Guess you fooled him.

  4. They are lovely and dazzling crystals indeed! Salaam!

  5. it's like im watching aladin hehe


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