Monday, May 10, 2010


I never thought of seeing a flautist at Bawadi Mall. Last Saturday, about few hours before I decided to go to Bawadi Mall, I was looking for an instrumental MP3 online. Nothing in particular. I just wanted to listen while doing my household chores.

I have been to Bawadi Mall for several occasions but I have never seen any musician playing any musical instrument just right after the main entrance. If there are shows, they usually conduct it inside the wide concourse. I can play a guitar and I know that it sounds good but so is saxophone and flute. Sax and flute are simply beautiful and appealing to my eyes and soothes my acoustic senses. 

I was about to go home when I heard the flautist playing a romantic ballad. I stood in front of her, about 5 feet away and enjoyed the mesmerizing music. Before she played her next piece, I asked her if I can take a picture of her. Oh! she's so kind and allowed me to take few snaps.

Word of the day: hiya is the arabic word for she (huwa for he). Salaam!


  1. hi Misalyn! so sweet of you to drop by & greet me. hope you had a wonderful mother's day too. ;)

  2. very nice images for today. a flautist would be so nice to hear.

  3. Thank you for the Mothers day wishes. I had a very nioce mothers day. I love flute and sax . It just carries me away. Have a wonderful day.

  4. What a lovely experience. I can almost hear the soft music coming out of her.

  5. What a great musical treat at the mall! I'm surprised she didn't wear any head covering?

  6. It's too bad they leave the fountain on behind her! It's hard to hear the flute or the piano!


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