Monday, May 3, 2010

Yellow Cars for Mellow Yellow Monday

One of the things that I have noticed here in the UAE is their preference for 4X4 cars and luxury cars. Having more than one car is typical to a common emarati family.

Last Thursday, I went to Al Muwaiji and waited for the sunset. After taking few snaps, I decided to walk around the community. I spotted this beautiful luxury car (with a handsome owner....*wink) at the ADNOC gasoline station.
Few hours before I went to Al Muwaiji, I have been to Al Ain Street to check out what is new with the Adidas Factory. I saw this Toyota jeep parked at the vicinity of Standard Chartered Bank
Toyota Jeep

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Word of the day: asfar is the arabic word for yellow. Salaam!


  1. Love the yellow cars! Massive pics!
    Have a great time!

  2. Cool yellow trucks. I love the yellow Toyota!

  3. hi missy! nice jeeps. although, i'm more curious at the 2nd foto, there's a qurtoba at the b.ground, i wonder what kind of books do they sell? ^0^

  4. Great shots for the Mellow Yellow Day! The do like big cars!! Hope you have a wonderful week, Misalyn!


  5. The hummer is nicer and I like yellow.

  6. My daughter fancies those wild yellow colors. She's more into the VW.

    That hummer sure looks huge, yeah, king of the road!

  7. sure one can afford to fill the tanks of those vehicles if you live in the middle east.

    how much is gasoline/petrol over there btw?

  8. Hi, Misalyn!

    Great entry for MYM. Love the yellow toyota. Have a great week


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