Tuesday, May 11, 2010

"Let's Keep Al Ain Clean"

"Let's Keep Al Ain Clean". That is the clean up campaign launched a year ago in the 60 districts of Al Ain and its surrounding areas by the Abu Dhabi-based Center of Waste Management and so far it is doing well.

Lavajet and MBM Dallah are the contractors responsible for the waste collection, transportation and cleaning services in the north and south zone of Al Ain City. There are 26 districts in the north zone and  34 districts in the south zone. Lavajet is responsible for the north zone and MBM-Dallah is responsible for the south zone. 

Photos shown above are the trash bins/cans provided by the cleaning companies. Residents are requested to abide by the waste collection timing set by the government. Waste are collected on a daily basis between 06:00 AM and  08:00 PM and fines are imposed against the people who dump trash on the roads. At present it is AED250 and there is a proposal to increase it to AED500. In our community alone, as per my observation, trash bins/cans are available in every block and each street has more than 10 trash bins.

Word of the day: Kashara or katshara is the arabic term for rubbish. Salaam!


  1. missed your blog ... how have u been doing?

    i need to put a post for my city too... which is impossibe

    love Naqvee

  2. Oh Misalyn;) I wish we had something like that here. What a lovely project. Good on your city. (((Hugs))) Jo

  3. i like how al-ain looks so much different from here,
    i mean, the trash says it all. ^0^
    i hope that's soemthing we could learn from them. ^0^

  4. nice post sis,thumbs up!sis naka segregate din ba ang basura diyan,yan manlang sana magaya sa pinas lalo nayung pag segregate dito sa taiwan wala ko masabi as in almost 90% ng nakita kong place malinis at desiplinado talaga sila sa lahat as pati sa basura...ni hindi ka pwedi mglagay ng basura mo sa harap ng house mo hanggat ala payung garbage collector.....

  5. What a nice and important subject. With nearly a week of strike, and trash containers "running over" very much appreciated.
    Usually they collect it during the night, over here, they pass my house at 03.15 - nearly every night at the same minute.
    Please have a wonderful Wednesday.

    daily athens

  6. That's great!
    Hope you have a fantastic day!

  7. Naqvee,

    Hey missy, how are you? I hope everything is well with you.

    Hi dear. Almost 90% of Al Ain is garbage free.

    Hi sissy. This is one of the reasons why I like Al Ain. Sana ganyan rin sa Pinas.


    Hi sis. Sana nga ganyan din sa Pinas. Actually kulang lang ng disiplina ang mga tao sa Pinas maliban pa sa kakulangan ng mga basurahan na ipinoprovide ng government natin.

    Dito yung waste segregation ay hindi pa naiimplement though sa mga hospitals at mga companies eh meron na. Hopefully pati sa mga common household ay maipatupad.

  8. Rob and Mandy,
    indeed! thanks for dropping by.

    I hope and pray that the strike in Athens will end up soon. Waste collection in your place is kinda different. You mean 03:15 Am?

    Indeed! Thanks for dropping by. Aloha my friend.

    Yes. Thanks for dropping by and have a wonderful day my dear.

    @ All,

    Thank you for stopping by. Each and everyone of you are greatly appreciated. Please excuse me for not returning the visits often. My schedule is too hectic and most of the time my entries are scheduled one. Am doing it whenever I am free to do so.

    Have a wonderful day to all of you.


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