Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Al Ain's Public Transportation

(Post is edited as of December 2012 due to changes in fares)

Al Ain's public transportation system is well maintained and organized. Taxis, buses and coasters are available if you don't own a car. Al Ain Bus station is located at the town center near the vegetable and meat market  known as souq alsamak (to most of the local Emaratis and Arab residents) and downtown Al Ain Coop.

For taxis, women are advised always to sit in the back seat, make sure that the meter is switched on and not to make any unnecessary conversation with the driver, as they may misinterpret friendliness. Drivers are mostly Pakitanis, Afghans, Indians and other arab nationalities. Nowadays, I have noticed that there are lady taxi drivers too; mostly Filipinos, Ethiopians and other arab nationalities. Old taxis are cheaper and new taxis are quite expensive but have better aircon and usually English speaking drivers.

old Abu Dhabi Taxi and Al Ain Bus going to Al Khair
Photos shown above are the main transportation within the city. Old taxi flag down rate is AED2 and AED3  for new taxis. Some gray and silver taxis' night flag down rate is AED3.60, depending on the taxi company. Buses are also available for AED1 (AED2 as of Nov 2012) to any destination within Al Ain City. The government has provided bus stop points in the main roads and routes can be identified depending on the bus number. 

If you want to travel to other emirates like Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah; buses, taxis and coasters are available too. Say you want to travel to other northern emirates (Fujairah, Umm Al Quwain, Ajman and Ras Al Khaimah), you have to take the bus going to Dubai or Sharjah and from there, you will ride the bus going to the other northern emirates.

old and new taxis going to central Abu Dhabi, Sharjah or Dubai 
For those travelling to Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah but doesn't want to take the bus or the coaster,shared taxi services are available. 

Bus going to central Abu Dhabi
There are reasonable bus services going to central Abu Dhabi for AED10/pax (AED25 as of Dec 2012). These are air-conditioned and women are advised to sit at the front. It will take 2 hours of travel time from Al Ain City to central Abu Dhabi. Bus stops in half way for about 10 minutes and during the Ramadan , bus will stop when it's time for salah al maghrib.

coaster going to Dubai
Al Ghazal coasters, owned and managed by a private company, travel to Dubai for AED20/pax and Sharjah for AED25/pax. Coasters are air-conditioned and women sit at the front. From Al Ain to Dubai, journey is approximately 1.5 hours and 2 hours from Al Ain to Sharjah.
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Word of the day: salah al maghrib is the arabic term for sunset prayer. During Ramadan, our Muslim brothers and sisters fast immediately after the early morning prayer until the sunset prayer. They will break their fast right after the salah al maghrib. They can eat until the early morning prayer.


  1. thanks for answering my request. i am always curious about public transportation because when we travel we wanted always to take public transportation to be with the locals.

    i hope people are availing of these many choices.

  2. Thanks for the information and the pictures to go along with the information.

  3. Your public transportation looks much better than ours.

  4. nice post sis.... magaganda rin pala bus diyan at taxi parang dito sa taiwan,may pagka hitect pati ang transportation...
    sensya ka na dami ko na miss na post mo di me makacomment kase bigla nalang nawawala connection namin pag gabi.....

    off topic:

    nabasa mo byung napost ko sa fb ko dami ko tsika sayo si?

  5. Lovely post, Misalyn. Your Al Ghazal coasters look in better condition than our open road transport busses. Have a good day, my friend. (((Hugs))) Jo

  6. Pnay taxi drivers? interesting! haven't seen one here in our mother country, just jeepney drivers. I bet the pay there is much better and the pollution more tolerable. nice captures!

    My world is here.

  7. I love this post, Misalyn.
    Always love learning about other countries and I think your public transportation system looks quite efficient.
    B :)

  8. First of all allow me to wish you Good Luck with your exam !

    Then express my impression upon the public transport system you are having - lightyears away from what one has here in Athens.
    A wonderful Thursday for you.

    daily athens

  9. The public transport, especially taxis, has improved greatly at Al Ain since I first lived there in 2005. The small, Toyota taxis usually had no seat belts (cut out!) and although cheap, often went to the wrong place. In September 2010 when I was there, the taxis were more like in Dubai.

  10. the best public transpot in the world i like it tahir islam city transport alain 150545 .

  11. Thanks for the information , but i have a question about the public transportation system , Is it working in the holidays?

    1. Definitely yes! During Ramadan days, there is some changes in timings/schedule since drivers need to break their fast after the Sahlat Maghrib.


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